Bourjois 1 second nail varnish

I am sticking with my thoughts from my post the other day about not worrying about the camera you are using. I took this photo with my iPhone and felt that it had captured the colour and glitter of this nail varnish well. If you have seen Bourjois 1 second nail varnish in the shop then you will know that the rainbow sparkles within it are beautiful. You need a good two layers to get a good coating of pink and glitter on your nails but I also think this looks good layered over purple and pinks. This nail varnish took around a minute to dry on each nail, it did seem quite quick. This nail varnish is meant to have a gel texture to it which I think it did and that meant it stayed on for the majority of the working week with one little top up on Friday morning. The bottle also states that the brush has a fab effect, I didn’t know this before buying it but as soon as I started to paint my nails I noticed that the brush gave an even coat to each nail. 

You will see the nail varnish in action in an outfit post at the weekend. 
Have you used Bourjois 1 second nail varnish before?