My final review of Couleur Pourpre flats

I promise that this will be the last time I mention my beautiful Couleur Pourpre shoes (which are in the sale) apart from when they show up in outfit posts. I have finally been able to wear these flats further than my garden wall. As we have had a little bit of nice weather over the past few days I decided I would let myself wear these shoes to work and see how I got on with them.

prettygreentea flower shoes

I got quite a few comments about how pretty these shoes were (which they really are) so in that sense they went down very well. The only thing I was worried about with these shoes was that they would simply be too flat and I am sad to say they really are. I wore them in the office but decided I would change my shoes when I left the building because I really didn’t want to ruin them. I think that if you had to walk quite far then these beautiful little shoes could hurt your feet because of how flat they are. Some people cope very well in flat shoes and others can cope well with sky high heels. My feet are much happier somewhere between flats and heels, think Vagabond flatforms.

Prettygreentea flowersPrettygreentea shoes
I will still be wearing my pretty flats but just in the office, this way they wont get ruined quickly and I can still enjoy wearing them with my work outfits.

Do you ever find that some flat shoes are just too flat?