Earth and fire colour combination

If you have been to my blog before you will know that I wear Converse and Vans quite often. They are very comfortable and treat me well on my adventures with my camera. Although I love wearing my favourite shoes I think it’s good to try new things especially when it comes to fashion. With change in mind I wearing my first pair of Superga trainers this week. I am looking forward to see how they compare to my usual kicks. 

Superga pumps Prettygreentea

I decided to wear my bright orange tights because the sun was shining and blue and orange is a colour combination which I haven’t ventured into yet. I really like yellow and blue together so I was pretty sure that orange and blue would be a winner. I am keen to try using the combination of blue and orange more often. I am on the look out for an orange top to colour block against a baby blue skirt I have.
Prettygreentea bluesuperga
This colour combination makes me think of fire and water. Fire is a masculine energy and associated with strong will where as water is associated with passion and emotion. I think a combination of fire and water work well together and equal out a good balance. I like to think that wearing this colour combination will have a positive effect on my energy.
Prettygreentea shoes superga
I will let you know how I get on with my first pair of Superga trainers. At the moment I really like them and can see myself wearing them into the summer (if we have one) with a pretty dress and a flower in my hair. I was in the Superga shop in Covent Garden at the weekend and they really have a fantastic range of colours. I would really like to get a pair of black and white ones because I can imagine they would be very useful. 
Prettygreentea superga
Have you ever worn Superga trainers?