Tea review: Little Miracles iced tea

Prettygreentea Little Miracles

You may have seen me post some photographs on instagram of the iced tea I have been drinking lately. It had been a while since I last had iced tea, I go through phases of drinking it and Little Miracles has got me back in the mood for it. Not only are Little Miracles bottles of refreshing iced tea but they are also power shots because they contain Ginseng which gives you a healthy boost. Ginseng is very good for boosting your mood too, when I was feeling a little low and had a lack of motivation I had a bottle of the White tea, Ginseng, Cherry and Acai iced tea and it really got me back on tracks.

You can buy Little Miracles in Holland and Barrett, I have also heard that some supermarkets stock them too. I need to go about buy a few of these this week, I will let you know which flavours I end up getting. I find these drinks can be really handy to take to work because a drink can usually satisfy your afternoon cravings and help with the work slump instead of reaching for another coffee.

Prettygreentea Little Miracles iphone 2

What I like best about Little miracles is that they are free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. Those are the main reasons I don’t often drink cold drinks apart from water, I just feel they are full of unhealthy things and don’t get me started on normal energy drinks because they are full of sugar orĀ aspartame.

Do you like iced tea?
Do you drink cold drinks often?
Have you ever had a bottle of Little miracles?