Nail varnish suitable for work: Rimmel Euphoria

Rimmel nail varnish prettygreentea
I have been wearing Rimmel Euphoria on my nails for the majority of this week but am just about to pick a new colour for tomorrow. I got this Rimmel nail varnish when I was going to an interview a while back, I thought it would be more appropriate than sporting loud nails. Euphoria is a very subtle shade and perfect for those of you in jobs where you can’t wear brightly coloured nail varnish. I found that I had to top up with one coat of varnish every other day to keep it looking shiny. The fantastic thing about this nail varnish is that it is dry in only 60 seconds. I really like it when a nail varnish is ready for you to carry on with life within only a few minutes. I am not patient when it comes to painting my nails, or maybe it’s more that I leave it to the last minute to paint them. Actually, it’s nearly half past ten, I must go and paint my nails for the week ahead.
Are you restricted to what nail varnish you can wear in your line of work?