How I eliminate negatives and change them into positives

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I was looking through my photographs from this year (so far) when I spotted a selection which I may not have shared with you. The photographs make me smile and feel happy which is why I have included them into this post. They got me thinking back to Easter, it’s now the middle of June and I really can’t figure out why this year is going by so fast. It made me realise that you really have to treasure each day and not waste those days being unhappy or negative.
It’s very easy to focus on the negative things in life and forget about all the positives. Doing this too often will mean that the months will fly by and before you know it the end of the year arrives and you question what you have achieved. I know that’s what I do anyway. I think it’s much more productive to focus on the positives and if there are any major negatives then take steps to eliminate them.
How to change the negatives in your life to positives:
1 – Instead of looking at the negative things in your life make a list of the positive things and focus on being thankful for them. Look at your list each evening and appreciate how lucky you are to have those positives in your life.

2  – Once you realise the good things you have in your life you can then put together a list of things you think are negative and holding you back.

3 – Take this negative list and work out how you can change those negatives to positives. – Take one negative at a time and decide if you would be happier without the thing in your life. Then figure out what needs to change about this negative to turn it into a positive? What are the steps you need to take to remove or improve upon the negative?

It all depends on what the negative is. This is personal and I don’t want to put suggestions of what the negatives in your life may be but if you need some help with finding steps to improve on the negatives you can always drop me a message on Twitter

4 – Once you have done this you must set about taking the necessary steps to reaching those positive goals. Maybe you want a new job – start a don’t break the chain and apply for one job each day (I used to do this and now I do it for my running). Maybe you need to decide on a course, get your Google on and do some research – list your favourite courses, see if people have shared reviews. Make a decision and then apply.

I believe that if you find yourself complaining about a certain situation or aspect of your life then you must work at changing and eliminating it from your life. That’s how I approach it. When I realise I keep complaining about a certain situation I make sure I take steps to changing it. You have to take action and it’s only you who can force that. Don’t wait around for something to change or someone to give you a helping hand. Get up, be proactive and and take positive steps.
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“Most people, most of the time, have the same amount of luck. It’s what you do with it that counts” – Richard Branson