Review: Smashbox Mascara

I think it was back in 2009/10 that I was on the hunt for Smashbox mascara. There were reviews by American and Canadian bloggers all over Youtube which were working their magic on making me want to try the Smashbox brand. I never spotted it in any shops in the UK and I soon put it to the back of my mind. I then spotted Smashbox in Munich when I was there last December and decided to treat myself to the mascara. It was whilst I was in Munich in December that I spotted a Smashbox section in a department store. I dashed in and spent about twenty minutes deciding on wether or not to drop around €20 on a mascara I once lusted after but now knew very little about. I decided I would go for it as it was the last day of my winter holiday and I still had some euros left over.
I am pleased to have finally tested out Smashbox mascara. If you are more patient than I am in the mornings then you can take your time to carefully apply two layers of the mascara and you will be good to go for the day. I tend to put my macara on whilst I am on the train, yes, I am one of those no time to apply mascara and lipstick till I wake up on the train kind of commuters. I then only spend about 1 minute apply both mascara and lipstick (if that) because I don’t want to be that commuter. I carelessly brush the mascara onto my eyelashes and then remove the excess away with a cotton bud. I am always pleased with the results but I find that if I carelessly put too much on then my eyes can be come a little irritated as the day goes on. 
I found that after a month the mascara became a little thick, it was still find to use but I thought that the formula had changed quite quickly. This Smashbox mascara is one which I enjoyed using more during the winter months as opposed to the odd warm day we are having now and then. On the warm days I prefer to use a lighter mascara to avoid the feeling of hard eyelashes. 


Will I buy it again? If I see Smashbox on my travels I may pick up another one but I would try a different formula. I don’t think I would go out of my way to buy this though, only if I spot it on the high -street.

I would love to hear your suggestions for mascara you can’t live without or the ones you are using at the moment?

I am also using a Lancome and No7 mascara at the moment.