Healthy snack: Soreen lunchbox loaf

Soreen Lunchbox loaf
Back in March I told you about the fab marketing I had spotted Soreen doing on Twitter and how it had made me pop to ASDA and bring malt loaf back into my life. Since then I got my hands on the Soreen banana lunch box loaf and the original one, I think banana is my favourite but I will always be a fan of the original too. The little loaves are less than 100 calories and are very easy to carry around without them getting totally squished in my bag. They do get a little squishy, that’s their nature. 
These little loaves are very handy to keep in your bag for when you find yourself dashing out of the house before having breakfast. Sometimes when I have cereal I can find myself getting hungry before lunch so I will snack on a Soreen lunchbox loaf on the days I don’t have fruit in my bag. I also think it’s good to keep these in your bag for an emergency, it’s nice to have a healthy alternative to hand without grabbing a bag of crisps for the train journey home.
You can buy these little guys in ASDA and Sainsbury’s.