Enjoy the small things..

and cut off from the fast world we live in for just a moment.
Pigeon 1
I took this photo the other week whilst I was gazing out of my bedroom window. I have a nice collection of photos of the two pigeons I was watching but I am going to be using them for something special. I will be sure to share them with you soon, I promise. Sometimes it’s nice to take a moment away from the computer, the phone and all the other things that keep us very busy in life and just watch nature go by. Although I had my camera in my hand I don’t class that as a distraction. My camera is an extension of me and it helps me to focus on one thing and not 20 like I normally do. I enjoyed sitting in silence and watching as the pigeons danced on the rooftops. 
What do you do to cut off from your busy life for just a moment?