Western style boots

I have a thing for western style shoes at the moment, you may have noticed this little interest developing over the last month or so and I am sorry to say it’s here to stay. I now have a pair of beautiful Petite Mendigote brown boots with chains on the heel, they are very comfortable and on offer at the moment (30% off) so if they are the kind of boot you like then I think now is a good time to invest. These boots are very comfortable and the quality of the heel and sole is brilliant. I think these boots are going to be fantastic in autumn but as the weather is a little hit and miss in the UK I will be making good use of them till the summer decides to stick around. I really like to wear a pretty dress with some badass boots and the chains on this pair add that extra splash of badass to any outfit. I would also love to get these boots in black because I already know that they are such good quality and will be lasting me for a very long time. Do you ever buy the same item of clothing or pair of shoes in different colours if you like the style and fit?
Western boots
I just need to make sure I focus on buying some sandals for the summer now. I make it hard work for myself because I am very fussy when it comes to sandals, I would much rather just walk bare foot on the beach an then have a pair of pumps to walk home in. The thing is I have some dresses that will look lovely with sandals and I think it’s nice to mix your outfits up against what you usually wear. I do have my eyes on a pair of Gandys at the moment and although they are flip-flops and not sandals I think they will definitely make a change for when I go to the beach. Here I am talking about sandals and flip-flops and I have no idea what step the weather is going to make next.