The best nail varnish remover 2012

Best nail varnish remover
A few months back I decided I wanted to try a new nail varnish remover and as I has been really enjoying Mavala nail varnish I thought I would try something else in their range. I couldn’t have been more lucky, the Mavala nail varnish remover was on BOGOF (it often is in my local shop) and I think it was about £4 ish and I think £2 per bottle is fab. I think I will always make sure I buy it when it’s on offer because it’s such good value for money that way. I gave one bottle to my grandma to try out whilst I tested this one. I honestly believe that this is the best nail varnish remover around, it even takes off glitter nail varnish without it being hard work. Mavala do a blue and a pink remover, I have the blue one (obviously) but may try the pink one (extra mild) soon just to see the difference. I think that this bottle has lasted me about 4 or 5 months so far and there is still a good amount left, I really suggest trying this because it has been a life changer in terms of removing nail varnish.  
Have you ever used Mavala nail varnish remover?
If not, which one do you use?