Fluorescent PR press day

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Fluorescent PR press day a few weeks back by the lovely Kayleigh from A Weathered Penny. This was my first time attending a press day and it was a really good experience to get to know a little more about brands I love and also new brands. I will let the photos do the talking and just run you through some things which stood out to me, I hope you enjoy this.
fluorescent pr press day
Beyond Skin –  Based in Brighton, Beyond Skin create beautiful Vegan shoes (I think Katrina will like these) in the most ethical way they can. There is a good dash of orange and sparkles in their Autumn12 collection which I am sure you will pick up on from the photos. You can buy direct from their website and they deliver worldwide. My favourite shoe from the Spring12 collection is Evita.

  fluorescent pr Beyond Skin 2fluorescent pr Beyond Skin 1 fluorescent pr Beyond Skin 3

Burt’s Bees – I am a big fan of Burt’s Bees, but have only ever used their lip balms because I have never really known much about them and was surprised to see they had such a wide range of products. They have a range for sensitive skin, babies, hair care and even a whole range of anti blemish solutions. I now seem to be spotting Burt’s Bees products everywhere I go and I am pleased to know a little more about their story. The first photograph below isn’t so good but it shows the range for sensitive skin. I am really keen to try some of the products from the range, I think the eye cream and night cream will be something I will treat myself to once my other products have run out.

Burt’s Bees have a fab range of lip gloses, tints and shimmers which all smell lovely and come in a good variety of shades. My mum is a big fan of the lip shimmers so I was delighted to find one in my (fantastic) goodie bag. I will be reviewing things from the goodie bag soon but can tell you now that I really like the lip shimmer and it is now always in my bag.

fluorescent pr press day Burt's Bees 3 fluorescent pr press day Burt's Bees 4 fluorescent pr press day Burt's Bees 5 fluorescent pr press day Burt's Bees 2

Jarlo – I fell hard for Jarlo, their clothes are all about beautiful lace, florals and pretty collars. Think Alexa Chung, retro prints and 60’s shapes and I think you will get the Jarlo feeling. I didn’t know of Jarlo before the press day and I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to find out more about the brand and to take a closer look at their clothes. The dresses and coats were of such beautiful quality that I highly recommend checking out their online boutique.

fluorescent pr press day Jarlo 4 fluorescent pr press day Jarlo 3 fluorescent pr press day Jarlo 6 fluorescent pr press day Jarlo 7

Boux Avenue – Being a bit of a business geek I already knew that Theo Paphitis is the owner of Boux Avenue. I was really impressed with the wide variety of styles that were on offer and also pleased to see that they had a good selection of sports bras. It’s on very rare occasions that I will wear a swimming costume or bikini (unless I am swimming at the gym) but if I was to brave it on the beach I would be looking for something at Boux Avenue. They have some really good shapes and patterns to suit everyone. I personally much prefer shorts and found these which I think could be a good investment. You can also try looking online for stylish swimwear.

  fluorescent pr press day Boux Avenue 2fluorescent pr press day Boux Avenue 3 fluorescent pr press day Boux Avenue fluorescent pr press day Boux Avenue 4 fluorescent pr press day Boux Avenue 8

Emma Fielden – Now you all know I love hats so I was very excited to make my way over to Emma and take a closer look at the beautiful green hat below. Emma has been making hats for over thirteen years and has designed for many catwalk shows. She also designed headpieces for Alexander McQueen’s McQ range. You can take a closer look at Emma’s collections here.

  fluorescent pr press day Emma Fielden1fluorescent pr press day Emma Fielden4 fluorescent pr press day Emma Fielden6

TK Maxx – This press day gave me new eyes when it came to TK Maxx. When I was living in Manchester I would often scoot through when I wanted to get into the Arndale to hide from the rain but never really stopped to see what was there. I have picked up the odd thing from TK Maxx but as I often find it a little overwhelming I don’t choose to go and browse in there too often. After spending a little time finding out  more about how they work I think I will be giving them more of a chance when I go shopping. You can actually shop online with TK Maxx which I didn’t realise and I think this is a better way for me to browse what they have on offer. They stock all the latest fashion trends and you really can find some good discounts in there you just have to be ready to search. I was sucked in by the beautiful pastel clothes and american retro prints that were at the press day. I also recommend checking out their holiday clothes, that’s what I will be doing in the Norwich branch, even though I don’t have a holiday planned yet.

  Fluorescent pr press day TK Maxxfluorescent pr TK MAXX2fluorescent pr TK MAXX5 fluorescent pr TK MAXX7fluorescent pr TK MAXX12fluorescent pr TK MAXX16

Rosie Wonders – Maybe the post beautiful about me page I have ever seen. It was lovely to talk to Rosie and look at her beautifully unique creations. Rosie’s creations are colourful and fun. I felt like I had fallen back into childhood because everything was so magical. I have a thing for the Dala Horse necklace , which is your favourite?

  fluorescent pr Rosie Wonders 4fluorescent pr Rosie Wonders 7 fluorescent pr Rosie Wonders 6

Fairytales and Hidden Notes – Here is another place to find beautiful creations and it has a lovely story behind it too. I had never heard of it before and it is another shop on my list of favourites now. You will find a selection of pretty objects over at their website along with pretty words to match your mood.

  fluorescent pr Fairytales and Hidden Notes3 fluorescent pr Fairytales and Hidden Notes6 fluorescent pr Fairytales and Hidden Notes7fluorescent pr Fairytales and Hidden Notes11

A Weathered Penny – I am very fond of A Weathered Penny because they have such a good mix of jewellery. I am really into animal and cherokee themed jewellery at the moment and A Weathered Penny had the perfect collection of animals, skulls and spikes to satisfy my cravings.

  fluorescent pr A Weathered Pennyfluorescent pr A Weathered Penny2 fluorescent pr A Weathered Penny 4 fluorescent pr A Weathered Penny 6 fluorescent pr A Weathered Penny 11

Thank you to all the brands and Fluorescent PR for such a fantastic day. I will be doing reviews on all the lovely things that were in my goodie bag very soon, this post is already long enough as it is. I hope you have enjoyed my first press day event post and I would love to be able to share more in the future with you. I have more photos of the event over at my Facebook page.

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