All black Moleskine notebooks

I am sure you have all heard about the new all black range from Moleskine but I am really excited so I thought I would share it just in case you didn’t know. I think black paged notebooks will be ideal for scrapbooks (irl, not Pinterest) holiday photos, portfolios and sketching. Having a black paged notebook gives you the excuse to use beautifully coloured gel pens just like when you were in school.  The best thing about school was getting a new set of gel pens or smelly pens (like these – Uni-ball Scented Ink Rollerball Pens) and spending a good part of the lesson doodling on my arms and hands. It was a pleasure to take notes using fun coloured pens and although I still by them I sometimes find it hard to find a valid reason to use them. Thanks to Moleskine that will be changing which means I can buy even more pens. 

Will you be diving into the world of the all black moleskine notebooks?