Time Management: Finding time to read

As much as I love to read I have been finding it very hard to find the time since I stopped taking the train to work. Reading on the train is one of the best feelings because you have the excuse of low phone and internet signal so you can just get lost in a book. I like the idea of reading in the mornings but this only happens at the weekend and it isn’t a regular occurrence. If my body clock wakes me up early at the weekends I will take full advantage and read but then sometimes I go for a run and the reading gets forgotten about. I don’t seem to have time in the evening, or so I thought… 

It seems that if you want to do something you can find the time for it. I have the time to blog, catch up on blogs and read articles online so why can’t I put even half an hour to one side to read a book or magazine. As with everything it’s all about time management and you have to be willing to alter the way you do things to benefit from them. Spend a few hours working hard on the tasks you need to do for the evening and then just turn the laptop off. I find that whilst I am doing my evening work I can get sucked into reading articles, watching Youtube videos and editing photos which adds time on top of the things I am already doing. You need to limit list of things to kill and spend some solid time completing them and just get into bed with a cup of tea and a book.
When do you spend time reading?