Superga shoes in the sale

I was walking through Covent garden the other week and as I passed the Superga shop I noticed they had a half price sale. It was raining a little so I decided there was no harm to pop in and shelter for a while. I wasn’t planning on buying anything but after trying on a lovely pair of navy shoes by accident I ended up paying and was walking out of the shop. Paying just £20 is much more satisfying than the full ticket of £40. It wasn’t long after this that I then went and got myself a pair of Dr.Martens also by accident (see them here).

Superga prettygreentea navy
I have been really pleased with my new sale shoes and will be taking more time to look for bargains when I next go shopping. I usually shop the sales online but avoid going into the shops as I find the messy rails of clothes a little overwhelming. Do you have the patience to shop in the sales? I think buying shoes in the sale is much easier than buying clothes. The whole process of trying shoes on and making the decision of buying is over with quite quickly and means you can run off and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Superga navy

Superga pumps have a very good sole and they have been very good for walking long distances in. If you are thinking of buying a pair of these I would recommend trying them on first because their sizing is a little bigger than normal. I still purchased the size 5 but I have to wear them with thick tights or socks because they are a little loose otherwise.

If you have any questions then feel free to leave them in the comment section.