Lovea Bio Coconut Shower Gel

Prettygreentea Lovea shower gel
I normally use Lush Dream Wash but I put that to one side to try out Lovea Bio coconut shower gel. This shower gel has a lovely soft coconut scent to it and it isn’t too overpowering which is nice and of course a bonus for sensitive skin. I haven’t had any irritations to my skin from using this shower gel and that goes for all the other Lovea Bio products I have used. The main reason this product is kind to sensitive skin is that it doesn’t contain sulfate. Sulfate breaks down the skins natural oils which can then lead to irritation and allergic reactions to other chemicals.

I quickly realised that you only need a small amount of product and it will go a long way, this bottle is 400ml and will last you a very long time. It is priced at £6.49 which I think is a very reasonable amount for 400ml of an organic product which is fab for sensitive skin.
Lovea shower gel
What shower gel or scrub have you been using during the last month?