An essential shoe 1: Dr. Martens brogues

Last week I went to a blogger meet up in London (more on that later though) and did a little shopping before meeting the girls. I somehow managed to purchase not one but two new pairs of shoes because there were a few sales on. I am not someone who normally shops in the sales but the shops I went into were quite small so it wasn’t too overwhelming. The first pair of shoes I am sharing with you are these DM’s which are a little different to the usual styles you see. I went into the store in Covent garden to look at the standard boots that were in the sale and then I spotted the brogues with the thinner sole and fell in love.


I really like this style of Dr. Martens because they are a little less chunky and harsh than the usual classic style. I also really like shoes which are two tone, I tend to go towards black and white but these being maroon and cream make a welcome change for summer. The sole on this shoe is still very good and I think they should last for at least 6 months. I have already been wearing them most days to work and they are very comfortable. 
I have a few pairs of brogues and think they are a very handy style of shoe to have within your collection. Brogues go with everything and are fab for those times that you want to look a little smarter but don’t fancy wearing a heel. I usually wear brogues in winter but as this pair is two tone I think they are just fine for the summer months. 
I would still like to get a pair of the Dr. Martens boots because I think they will be fantastic for walking in. I tried them on when I was in London and realised that I wasn’t too short for them so I may save up for a pair. If I do take the brave step of buying the boots I will be going for a soft floral style or maybe the Liberty ones to balance out the chunky sole against my summer dresses.