How to add a bright colour into your daily outfit

Sunglasses: Shop Rebelle, nail varnish: Essie – John Lewis sale £4.99.

In rain or shine a good splash of colour within your outfit is always going to lift your mood and make others around you smile. I like to think that the colour orange encourages the sun to shine and even if it doesn’t always work at least the thought is there and you can take over the role till the sun is ready.

If you don’t feel brave enough to wear orange but want to start incorporating it into your outfits then just try adding it in small doses. Using an orange nail varnish is a simple way to add a splash of colour to your outfit and still very safe and in most places it is work friendly.

You could also use accessories, shoes (I like these Vans) or even a pair of tights to help start your colourful journey. Incorporating colour into your outfits through small key pieces is the best way to get used to wearing new colours before jumping into the deep end with a bright orange dress like this. You can apply this to any colour (obviously), I just happen to be really into orange at the moment as you may have seen here.

If this is all a little scary then start with a pastel shade and work your way to brighter shades.