Comfortable Keds

Prettygreentea Keds
It was all about Keds over the weekend whilst I was sitting in the garden. Keds are very easy to style and go with pretty much anything. It’s been a while since I wore them because of all the rain we have had but Saturday was lovely and sunny. I had planned on going to the beach to enjoy the sunshine but I have managed to get a really bad cold (get the violins out) and I decided to stay at home. I ventured in and out of the garden for most of the day trying to soak up a little sunshine but feeling mostly restless as I don’t cope well with having a cold. 
Having different coloured laces in my Keds reminds be of being back in college. I would always wear different coloured laces or sometimes a red Converse and a green Converse, I was such a geek. I would probably still wear different coloured Converse now, the fact that I don’t look 25 makes it much easier to get away with being a little silly.