Film lists on IMDb

I often find that my evenings pass by very quickly when I am catching up on blogs, reading and watching Youtube videos. If I go for a walk to the sea then I can forget about getting half the things done on my list but sometimes you have to indulge in the things you love. I enjoy watching films and catching up on my favourite shows but I have to force myself to do it. I am pleased to say I have got back into the swing of this and I am making sure I watch a film, tv show or documentary each evening depending on what mood I am in. 
I am using IMDb to create a list of films I want to watch and may make a list of some of my favourites when I have time. I have many pages of my Moleskine dedicated to films I need to watch and even lists on my phone and in my diary but I think that keeping a list online will make things much easier. The benefit of keeping a list of films you need to watch on IMDb is that you will be able to find out about similar films via their recommendation function which can be quite fitting (but not always). It is also fun to look at lists other people have made and find out about new films to add to your never ending to watch list.

What is on your list of films to watch?