Have a relaxing Sunday with Opal London

Opal London sent me a few goodies from their Aromatherapy range and I decided I would take the opportunity to enjoy a few hours off from working and relax. I was sent a peppermint foot gel and a hand and nail cream which are both made from natural ingredients – yay! I was also sent the gloves and socks from the range to use after applying the products which keep your hands moisturised and extra smooth. 
Opal London hand cream
I am pleased to say that I had no bad reactions to these products and as I knew they were made from all natural ingredients I wasn’t too worried when I tried them. If you have sensitive skin like I do then you should always check that a product is made with all natural ingredients and try to avoid products with nasty chemicals in.
Prettygreentea opal london feet
The formula of the hand and nail cream is very thick which is perfect for dry and tired hands. I spend my day typing away on my computer at work and come straight home and continue to do the same thing for most of the evening. I forget to let my hands rest and  even though I use hand cream a few times a day it doesn’t do the same as this intensive treatment from Opal. You really have to let your hands rest after using this cream to let it work it’s magic. Using the gloves after I had massaged the cream into my hands and nails ensured that the moisture soaked into my skin and also forced me to avoid jumping back onto the laptop to do more work. This cream really leaves your hands feeling beautifully soft an I also found that I didn’t need to put any hand cream on till the evening of the next day. I am going to try and use this intensive hand cream once a week.
Prettygreentea Opal London hands
It had been a while since I used a foot cream, I tend to just use whatever my body lotion of  the moment is. I really like the smell of the peppermint foot gel and I also did a little research and found that it is very good for cooling tired feet, stimulating blood circulation and also works against bacteria. I have been doing lot’s of walking and running lately so my feet were in need of refreshing and this peppermint foot gel did the trick. I used the socks straight after to keep my feet extra moisturised and clean. I left the socks on over night and as soon as I took them off in the morning my feet were delightfully soft. I think I will be using the Opal London foot gel once a week from now on and taking more care of my feet especially as we are (supposedly) hitting the summer months.   
Prettygreentea socks
I think that either of these products along with the gloves or socks would make a lovely gift for someone or even as a special treat for yourself. Each item is £5.00, the socks and gloves can be machine washed and the two creams are 100ml so they will last you for quite some time instead of paying much more to go to a spa.

 It’s good to find an evening where you can relax with a cup of tea, a good book and let your body relax. Not many of us find the time to do this as we live such busy lives but making sure we have a few hours before bed to cut off can get you ready for a busy week ahead. I choose to continue reading Like a Virgin by Richard Branson so I still felt I was being productive whilst letting my body relax.

Prettygreentea socks 2
Opal London are against animal testing, use sustainable resources, ensure they trade fairly with their partners overseas and love to look after the environment. I think that these qualities stand out for Opal because they have been practicing them since the 70’s and are still working on their green revolution to this very day. It’s nice to find a company that has always had the best ethics behind them since the very start and it’s companies like these that helped to get the big corporations to think more about being green and animal friendly.