What’s in my bag: 28/06/2012

I am looking for a replacement bag, this is a Topshop one which is coming to the end of it’s days. The problem with bags of this shape is that anything you put inside it will sink to the middle of the bag and make it heavy right away. I really like this shape and style of bag but want to try and find one which is a little more boxy or one with more structure so it doesn’t become heavy right away. I know that Zara has something similar at the moment and it may even be in the sale, so I will be checking out the shop on Monday. Have you seen anything similar around?

Prettygreentea in my bag
I thought I may as well include the contents of my bag as it’s been a while since I last did a what’s in my bag post (I used the same bag here).

Prettygreentea bag
Ricoh camera, No7 mascara, Dr.Renaud cream, iPhone, Miu Miu glasses, Bourjois blusher, Monet mirror, Living Nature lipstick, Mac lip balm, Lovea hand cream, Pore Professional mini, purse, hand sanitizer, purse and Carmex.
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