An evening walk on Southwold beach

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We all have those moments where we are almost at breaking point and we need to take a few steps back and figure out the right path to go down. When I find myself at moments like this I like to go walking down by the sea in the evening. Everyone has their own escapes, some like to play video games, others like to read and some like to sink a bottle of whiskey and dance the night away. Whatever it is you like to do to cut off from worries then you must make sure you do it often because otherwise it can all get too much and the results are not pretty.

I find that walking by the sea helps me clear my mind but also gives me the time and space to focus on what I really want from life and how I can get rid of the worries and problem areas. If any of you have negative aspects in your life right now then I wrote a post about changing negatives to positives which you can read here. I am going to be making a few lists (like I suggest in my change post) to try and get my priorities in order and then I will be reading my new copy of Like a Virgin by Richard Branson for some inspiration.

What will you be doing with your Friday evening?