Lipstick review: Living Nature – Dawn

This is the second Living Nature lipstick I have used and I can’t wait to try more shades. This shade is Dawn and when I orded it from the MyPure website I wasn’t sure what the colour would actually look like because the chart isn’t always the same, so be careful. I was very happy with the shade of the lipstick and I was also pleased to find that it was more of a frosty shimmer which you can build up depending on how strong you want the colour to be. I tend to add extra coats on through the day because after a few cups of coffee and after lunch it tends to fade away. I find this is the same for most of the lipsticks I use apart from very dark colours.

The Living Nature lipsticks are £15.00 from Mypure which is on par with companies such as Chanel, MAC and Lancome. The Living Nature lipsticks are all organic and don’t contain any unkind chemicals. As well as being friendly to the earth they also do not support animal testing, so you can rest assured that you are supporting an all round friendly company as well as being kind to your skin. 

Do you spend much time researching into the way your beauty products are made and if they test on animals or not? I don’t usually go out of my way to find out such information because I don’t buy large quantities of makeup, maybe I should change this? I do however buy many skin care products and because I try to buy organic ones when I have a little extra money I can usually see on the packaging if a product has been tested on animals or not.