Summer sandals 2012

As my room continues to get taken over by shoes I can’t help but notice I don’t have any sandals. I slowed down my hunt for the perfect sandal because we had so much rain but now that the sun is making more of an effort I think I should let my feet get some air. I have mentioned before that I find it hard to pick a summer sandal each year and often just stick to flats. I am hoping to find a pair of sandals which I fall in love with this year, it’s been quite a few years since that last happened. 
I came across Esprit who have some lovely sandals as well as pretty flats and some badass boots. When I spot a new (to me) brand and find myself liking more than just one pair of shoes within the collection I know I am onto a winner. The thing I really like about the sandals from Esprit is that they are not too flat, they have a slight heel to lift them from the ground so you would hope that this would make them a little more comfortable to walk in. I know sandals are not built to go on long walks in but I prefer not to be able to feel every tiny stone under my feet when I walk. 
I have actually ordered the black sandals below so once they arrive I will tell you what I think of them. I am going to be keeping an eye on the Esprit collection because there is a sale on at the moment I am very tempted by the Estella bootie for late summer.
What shoes do you wear most in the summer?