Wearing pinks

Hello everyone. I hope you have all had a good week. Do you have anything nice planned for the weekend? I want to get my nails done before my trip to NYC on Monday and am thinking of getting a pink and green combo. I am really into pink shades at the moment even though I often say I don’t like it. I think pink is a colour which suits olive skin tones very well and my subconscious knows this which is why I seem to have quite a few things in pink. I need to suck it up and admit that maybe I do like pink because I know for sure it likes me.

 I get my inspiration for outfits and colour schemes from nature and the things I pass by in daily life. In my garden we have some lovely pink flowers at the moment in various shades and mixed with the sunshine this has meant I have been wearing more pink than usual. I have been incorporating pink into some of my work outfits, the lipstick I have been wearing and the bag I have been using. What colours are you wearing at the moment?

prettygreentea roseprettygreentea mePrettygreentea pink flowers

living nature prettygreentearose prettygreentea
prettygreentea shopping bag
Topshop dress, Living Nature lipstick and bag for life from cornwall.