Travel with Prettygreentea: Comfort first

My main thought when travelling is comfort. I like to give a little thought to what I will be wearing when I fly because wearing an uncomfortable outfit whilst sitting on a long haul flight can not be much fun. I tend to stick to leggings and a dress when I am going on a flight and I always take a big hoody because it gets cold due to sitting down for long periods of times.

When it comes to deciding which shoes to wear when travelling I keep comfort and practicality in mind. I find it very easy to walk long distances in my Converse, Vans and as of recently Superga pumps. I sometimes think a pair of flats would be good and look nice with my outfit but I haven’t found a comfortable pair for quite some time. I am going on holiday next Monday and I am trying to decide between my usual line up of pumps and at the moment I am leaning towards my Superga kicks because they will be good for walking around when I get to New York.

Prettygreentea blue Superga
prettygreentea vans

My final thought in terms of outfit is obviously a good bag. I always have my camera bag with me so I like to take a seperate large bag as a carry on so I can pop my camera bag into it and then I have a second small bag around my body. This second bag is usually one of my Kipling bags because I can fit my passport and travel documents in and get them out when needed with ease. You have to dive in and out of your bag quite often in the airport so it’s nice to be able to have everything to hand.


A few extra little ideas: Always take a neck pillow when you travel. I never usually bother on short flights but when it’s more than 3 hours it will give you added comfort and you can use the pillow for your neck or back. The pillow may come in use on any travel once you reach your destination country or even for reading in bed.

If you are wearing leggings then pop a pair of socks in your bag because having cold feet can make you very uncomfortable and they wont take up much space.

What are your top travel tips for comfort?