Goodbye sunshine

It seems that summer left us today and the rain has arrived. I hope I am wrong and we all wake up in the morning and the sun will be shining bright. Sadly I don’t think this will be the case, the rain is still falling as I type and I can’t decide what shoes I should wear tomorrow. Maybe it will end up being a little sunny in the morning and then the rain will sneak up on us later in the day. This is also the time of years that I never know which coat I should be wearing. Part of me wants to expect the worst and pull on a pair of Hunters and my Barbour and be ready to fight the day. If I did this the sun would probably come out and there wouldn’t be a drop of rain. Oh and if I put my Converse on you just know the rain would pour out of the sky. So what do you do on days like this? What is the shoe and coat I should be going for in the gap between summer and autumn, I just don’t know. 
prettygreentea converse yellowxx