How to turn your dreams into goals

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It’s easy to sit around and dream about the things we would like to achieve in life and the places we would like to visit. I often hear people saying “I wish I could live in Paris” or “I wish I had done a different course at university”. Whatever it is people are ‘wishing’ I always try to tell them to just go for it, make the necessary changes and make the dreams a reality.

It’s not a bad thing to have dreams but I believe we should all change our dreams to goals. By doing this we can all aim achieve the things we want out of life and they wont stay as dreams, they will become part of ones life. There is nothing to stop you doing the things you dream of, if you really want something then I believe you can have it. To some of you the steps I am going to mention in how to change those dreams into achievable goals may seem simple but I think that sometimes we all need a kick to get on with it and some reassurance that we can do it. 

We all have different things we wish for in life and you must remember this when you are writing down your dreams. The things you want from life don’t have to be what society expects from you, you don’t have to follow suit of your friends and you can’t just do things to please your parents it has to be what you want. It is very important you take all this into consideration when making your list.

Apply the above question to your own situation. If you are sick of your job then think about what job would make you happy. If you are bored of the town you live in then where is it that you crave to go? Maybe you want to start a new course, are thinking of doing a scheme abroad, or anything else at all – just apply the question and work out what it is you dream of doing. What are your dreams in life, they can be short term or longer term it really doesn’t matter. What matters is your happiness and writing down the things you would like to do will help with this.

Once you have your list of dreams and wishes you can then figure out how to set measurable tasks so that you can see the dream as a goal. There may be several steps you need to take in order to be living one of your ‘dreams’ but you can define smaller steps within the mini goals section below. Breaking your dream goal into small tasks makes it easier for you to understand the things you need to do to end up living the dream.

Examples of measurable tasks:
Save X amount of money by the end of the year.
Research courses within a certain field. 

 You can do anything if you want it enough.

This time next year I will be enrolled on a nursing course.
By christmas I will have saved x amount towards _insert goal__.

Set mini goals within the path to reaching your bigger goals which we once called dreams.

Save X amount of money by the end of the year.
– Save £100 each month.
-Sell old clothes on ebay.

Research courses within a certain field.
-Write a personal statement
-Finalise a selection of courses to apply for within 4 months. 

Move to a new country. 
-Research into schemes that can help with this. 
-Find jobs to apply for in chosen country. 
-Research courses. 
Research expenses. 

You can apply this to any walk of life and to any dream you have. I believe in goals and not dreams because you need to act and not just talk.

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