I will never forget print..

Magazine prettygreentea
As I sit outside soaking up the intense sunshine I have a G&T in one hand and a pen in the other. This sunshine is welcomed, it’s been far too long and I fear it will soon be gone. The heat goes very well with this relaxing afternoon and keeps me turning the pages of Elle for a spot of much needed inspiration. I have my notebook close by so that I can create spider diagrams full of things that inspire me and keep a page clear for blog notes. I also have a stack of post-it notes to rest my gin on. I kid, the post-it notes are to keep a reminder of any particularly interesting pages I find. As much as I enjoy reading articles on my laptop or via my phone it’s not quite the same as physically turning the pages of this beautiful magazine. I left my phone inside but had to rush back to get it to add some helpful quotes to a list on my phone. It seems as much as I try I can’t escape technology, though I am not trying too hard to do so. Don’t look at me like that, it isn’t a bad thing, I haven’t forgotten about print. I buy my favourite magazines each month and I also buy a few too many books. I am always reading something and I figure that it can be in any format. It’s good to embrace new methods but don’t forget about the ones we know and love. There is a time and place for everything, on a flight to some place new a Kindle will treat you well and keep your bag light. Sitting in the garden or in your bed you will be just fine with a paperback book.
 The afternoon has been quite relaxing apart from the buzz of a bumblebee who keeps knocking about trying to land on this glass I am holding. I can forgive the bee, he is just doing his thing and as long as he keeps his sting to himself all is ok. I hope you are all well, I would love to know how you have been spending your time in this lovely sunshine.