New York: Become ur dream

Become your dream
I was walking to Bleecker Street, New York on Monday when I passed by these words which had been wrote in chalk on the pavement. I had to take a quick snap on my phone and whilst trying not to drop my ice tea I managed to get the shot to share with you. I hope that this photograph helps to give those of you who need some inspiration or motivation a little kick. It’s already helped me reset my short term goals.
My friend and I had been talking about how everyone in New York seems to be full of motivation to get things done. Nothing holds people back here and you really notice it from the daily life they lead. I have seen all ages on rollerskates and skateboards which I think is very cool and have also noticed that most people seem to jog, cycle or be carrying their yoga mats to class. People appear to not only be more active but because there is always so much going on around New York it gives everyone a wide variety of things to do and different people to mix with. I have always believed that the people you mix with will reflect upon the things you do in life. Always mixing with new people who are full of motivation is going to give you buckets of inspiration to get going on changing your dreams into goals and doing what you want in life.
If you have dreams to travel, change your career, learn a language or anything else then you can do it. I promise it’s not hard you just have to really want it. Age means nothing so never think that you are getting too old to change or learn something, just get on with it. You are the only person who puts up¬†obstacles within your life and if you think it’s other people then I suggest you remove them and that obstacle will be gone. My two friends have just moved to New York within the last few months, one is doing an internship and the other is at Parsons studying an MA. They are both living their dreams right now, it wasn’t easy (paperwork and saving is dull) but they knew what they wanted to do and here they are having a fab time in NYC. Dreams change and shape as you grow but to be able to act upon them and live life the way you want to can make you very content and give you many new experiences.
I actually have a post scheduled to go live in a few days about turning your dreams into goals. If you have any questions then get in touch via this post, email or Twitter and I can add answers to any questions you may have.