New York: Mexican food in Hoboken

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As soon as we got back from the airport my mate D and I walked into Hoboken, he had been banging on about this town ever since he arrived in New York so it seemed only natural to have dinner there. Bars and restaurants filled the streets and if we hadn’t already had a place in mind it would have taken us a long time to make a decision on where to eat. I had already requested mexican food so D did a little Google research and we ended up going to Charrito’s. We shared chicken fajitas and  drank big glasses of water. It was one of those restaurants where you bring your own drinks, I had been hoping for a cocktail but really wasn’t a pressing issue, the water did me just fine. The food was delicious and the staff were delightfully friendly as the case usually is in New York. 
I managed to avoid the cheese and then we left and went walking around Hoboken for a while. I was craving coffee, so we got some treats from Dukin’ Donuts to enjoy whilst we explored the area. It was all very lively and if you are a fan of busy bars, good food and friendly people then it will be right up your street. We didn’t walk around for long because the plan was for me to be up at 6am the next day when D went off to work. It was a lovely first evening in New York and even though I spent the majority of the night wide awake I still managed to be up and ready to explore New York early the next day. 
Have you been to Hoboken?