Photography: Forget the viewfinder

I went down to Southwold beach on Sunday for a long walk with my camera. As this is something I tend to do most weeks I like to use it as time to photograph the same old things in new ways. Taking time to experiment with new methods of photography really helps you to think about setting up shots in new and creative ways.
I spent most of my time at the beach not using the viewfinder but simply balancing the camera on my shoes, bag and small rocks by the sea. It can be easy to forget about moving around when you have a badass zoom on your camera but you should try not to get hooked on using the zoom all the time. Next time you’re out and about make an effort to change the height at which you shoot and even try to avoid using the view finder. Link me to your blogs if you have a go at shooting in a new way, I would love to see the results.