Breakfast: Jordans breakfast bars


I have turned into one of those people who doesn’t have breakfast before leaving the house. Up to about 2 months back I never failed to start my day with Marmite on slightly burnt toast or maybe fruit with cereal and in the winter it was all about porridge. It’s quite strange that my love for breakfast has faded. It was always my favourite meal of the day and hopefully it will return. For now I guess I just have to roll with it and try other options.

For now, big cups of coffee, fruit and cereal bars have been keeping me full at work. One of my favourite bars has been Absolute Nut from Jordans. They may be a little expensive (£2.19 for 3 in Morrisons) but the taste totally makes up for it. These bars are full of almonds, hazelnuts and pecan pieces so they really are filling.

Do you have a favourite cereal bar?