New York: Breakfast for one

breakfast Brooklyndiner Pancakes Breakfastfor1I love to go out for breakfast, even on my own. I spent many mornings in New York sitting alone and eating half of whatever I ordered whilst planning my day. That is one of the best ways to start a long day of walking and luckily I enjoy my own company.

D would head off to work whilst I stumbled around the streets hoping to come across a traditional diner. It’s not as easy as you would imagine to find a traditional American diner in the centre of New York, maybe I’m just looking for something out of the movies. Anyway, there are still some good options about, just take your time to find them and of course, make use of Foursquare.

On this particular day I stopped at the Brooklyn Diner  which was hiding near Times Square. I was leaving the house at 7:30 so by the time I was having breakfast it was still very early. I usually had diners to myself, not bad for the centre of NY. Delicious blueberry pancakes were stacked high and extra fluffy then a side of bottomless coffee set me up well for the day.

My order came to around $9.00 and then I added the tip – it was very good value for money.

Do you mind spending time alone?