Shoes: Irregular Choice

I was sitting at my desk thinking about the shoes I would wear with my Halloween outfit and suddenly wished I still had a pair of Irregular Choice heels knocking about. Sadly, I haven’t had any of these shoes in my life for quite some time and thought I would check out their latest range.

I used to wear Irregular Choice shoes many years back, when I was in college. I gave up buying shoes with heels because I hardly wore them and they just sat in my room looking pretty. I seem to wear heels less and less these days but I do have times where I decide a little height is needed. 

There is 20% off the Flick Flack shoe at the moment.

Over the summer I really enjoyed mixing prints. With these shoes you tend to get a mix of very loud prints, bows and even a fly agaric mushroom here and there. I like the idea of wearing them with a plain dress and just giving the shoes the chance to shine. They don’t always have many in the collection that I like but I don’t think any brand does. I will be looking into new styles and brands of shoes from now on. I keep drifting back to my usual style and I am starting to get a little bored with it.
I was having a little search and I found Iron Fist shoes. If you like Irregular Choice then I am pretty sure you will like these.