Instagram photos – printed

photo (82)
I had a selection of photos from Instagram printed a few months back. I am trying to make more of an effort with printing photos because it’s easy to forget in this digital world we live in. Having prints makes you realise how different your photographs look in real life instead of on a computer screen. What made me decide to get my Instagram photos printed? Well, I take very different photos on my phone than i do with my 7D. I sometimes don’t have my bigger camera with me and moments of daily life get stored on my phone. I also thought that a selection of Instagram photos would look nice on my wall and to add to letters I send to friends and family. I got 48 mini prints and picked a mix of photos from daily life and holidays.

I used Printstagram because it was the first company that came up in a Google search. I was very happy with the quality of the card, prints and finish. I am going to order another set this month but may go with the square prints this time.

Need to buy someone a present? The mini book would make a fun gift.