What I wore: hat and shoes

 I just wanted to check in with you all and share some photos of my shoes, hat and give you a little update. I haven’t done many outfit posts lately, it’s been a busy month. The lack of light and bad weather has meant that I don’t find much time to go out and about to take full outfit shots. These little snippets of my outfits will do for now.


I have been wearing my good old Dr Martens in this grim weather we have been having in Norwich. I can’t say that these are the best shoes for the rain but they sure keep my feet much more dry than Converse. Speaking of Converse, I doubt I will be wearing them unless we get some crisp cold days with less rain. I have two pairs in my room which are stuffed with newspaper to help them dry out.

Have you put away your summer shoes now? 

I have quite a big collection of hats. This grey beret has been one of my most worn hats over the last few weeks. I can’t remember where it came from, but you can buy similar ones on eBay. I sometimes forget to check eBay but it really is a good place to search for hats. I have been looking for some different coloured bowler hats but the high-street shops only had two or three different colours. A quick search on eBay and I found a few shops selling a wide variety of colours.