Super face cream

When I got my first pot of Super I thought that it was going to be too thin to help with my dry skin. I was very wrong. After pasting a blob of cream onto my face, neck and hands (yes, I used that much), I knew I would only need a tiny dot next time. The cream is lightweight but goes a long way and keeps very dry skin looking fresh all day.  I was using this cream as a day and night cream during summer, I think I will be using it as a morning cream during the winter months. If I manage to get to London tomorrow I will pop to Boots and pick up another pot. 

I wasn’t sure what the Chia Omega-3 was all about but after some research I found that it is a good anti-inflammatory. I will be keeping an eye out for a body cream from this range, they didn’t seem to have any available on the website. Have you tried out any of the Super range?