Superga sisters

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I like posting photos of my shoes. I realised that I haven’t updated you on my experience with Superga pumps for a while. When I was in New York the Superga pumps were quickly put back in my suitcase. These shoes are rubbish for walking long distance, in New York you do a lot of walking. I have worn them since I got back and had no problems with them. Would I buy another pair od Superga pumps? I think I will. I really like the range of colours that ar available and as long as I am don’t wear them on long walks then all is ok.


My sister also has a pair of Superga trainers and spent about a month or so trying to decide which colour she would go for. She ended up picking the spotty Henry Holland range with the flatform. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the style she picked, I had seen them in the shop and wasn’t too keen. When we met up in Cambridge the other day I decided that the Superga flatforms look fab. We are both a little on the short side so I think any extra height helps and they suit her style really well. She told me that she hasn’t felt any discomfort from the pumps, even when she has been wearing them out and about in London. 
I have been wearing my navy pumps to work every now and then but am trying to stick to wearing boots for while. The weather in Norwich is becoming more and more like Manchester and I am finding that my cowboy boots (here) are working best in the surprise rain.