My day: The Bavarian Village

WinterWonderland London sky sweets Hot chestnuts London Bavarianvillage Tilly Churro

My last trip to London for 2012 was to meet up with some very good friends, Richard and Emma. Richard actually wrote this post about his trip to Budapest back in October. It had been exactly one year since I had seen my friends. Our last get together had been a trip to Austria¬†for Christmas markets and festive fun. After a year of new jobs and keeping in touch via Twitter we finally decided to meet up in London and check out the Christmas markets. It wasn’t quite the same as being in Austria or Germany but the gluhwein and bratwurst did the job.

Whenever Richard is involved there is bound to be a lot of walking. I don’t mind though, it’s the best way to get around London and gives you the chance to stumble across interesting places. Winter Wonderland was very busy, we went during the day and quickly gravitated towards the Bavarian village. After a hit of¬†gluhwein we walked across London to the Apple store and did a little shopping.

Our evening was spent sipping cocktails and eating burgers in TGI Friday’s. I had never been before but after a few frozen margaritas and a yummy burger I was converted.

More photos can be seen on my Instagram page.