What I wore: Mouse flats

At the start of December I got my hands on a pair of these beautiful Marc Jacobs flats. I have been wanting a pair of good quality flats for a long time now. I spent most of my years at university in Primark flats. As soon as a pair got ruined after a night in 5th Ave I would go out and stock up with a few more. A quality pair of flat shoes are ideal for when you want to be smart but don’t fancy wearing heels. I normally go for black shoes but I thought that tan looks lovely in the summer and would go well with my favourite white dress.

I spent most of the day going through my clothes and shoes. I have managed to take quite a lot to charity and put a few old shoes in the bin. It can be easy to keep your favourite shoes knocking about even when they have had their day. I had a good old pair of Converse that started off as white and after 5 years of running around Manchester, dancing in Sankeys and marching around festivals they became a very very dark shade of brown. I got rid of them about a year back. Even though they held so many memories they just ended up looking very scruffy. Once they were in the bin I had no option but to buy another pair. I think my feet were pretty thankful about that. This is a good time of year to have a clear out and once it’s done it makes you feel really good.  You can even go out and buy yourself a few new things and I think I will do just that. I haven’t had a look at any sales yet, I tend to buy things as and when I need them but I don’t see any harm in seeing what boots are in the sale.