Shoes: Minnetonka moccasins

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was walking around the streets of New York in the intense heat. My feet were sightly bruised from the shoes I was wearing and I was ready to spend money on something other than food and museums.

I was delighted to come across Minnetonka moccasins in most shops I happened to go into. I first saw these when I lived in Manchester a few years back. At the time I had probably spent most of my money on gigs so couldn’t bring myself to part with the cash. I now had the chance and what made the deal even better was that they only cost me around $30. I have been delighted with the quality of the moccasins and plan on getting a pair of the boots in the new year. These shoes are ideal for late spring and summer but obviously wouldn’t cope to well with the winter rain and mud. If you like moccasins and already have a bunch of the Minnetonka variety then you should check out House of Harlow. They are a bit more expensive but very pretty.

Enough about moccasins, I think the rest of the month is going to see me in my Hunter wellies and rain coat. I am heading back to homehome tomorrow evening and plan on playing Xbox games, drinking   gluhwein, reading and taking long walks on the beach. I actually have a lot to do, I need to pack my room up and take as much as I can to the charity shop. I should start making lists, but more on this at a later date. 


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