Food: Eat 17 – Bacon Jam


I first heard about bacon jam from The Book Boy. He said it was so delicious that he ate it straight from the jar. I thought that was a bit extreme, could it really be that tasty? I needed to get my chubby little paws on some. I finally spotted Eat 17’s Bacon Jam in Adnam’s Cellar and Kitchen shop. I couldn’t pass on the chance of trying this new bacon treat and took a jar straight to the till.

Eat 17’s Bacon Jam is a meaty chutney that can be used to add a little excitement to a cheese sandwich, a burger or anything you fancy. There are no rules. The taste is interesting, mostly savoury but a little sweet. The main ingredients are smoked bacon, red onions, balsamic vinegar, coffee, maple syrup and other tasty herbs. My favourite way to eat bacon jam is with pasta or cheese (lacto free) and crackers.

The Book Boy was right, this stuff really is good enough to spoon straight from the jar. They also do a chilli version which I can’t wait to try.

Have you tried bacon jam?