What I wore: Converse in the snow

photo (83)
I was delighted to wake up to more snow on Friday. After leaving the house and sliding all over the road in my cowboy boots I realised I needed to slide back home and change. Out of all the shoes in my room the only pair that I thought might keep me safe were Converse. With a variety of colours to pick from I went for red. I might have looked a bit silly but at least I didn’t slip over. I don’t suggest you wear Converse in the snow but if you really have nothing else to hand then they don’t do too bad.
I have been back at my parents place this weekend. The house is nearly packed up and they are just waiting for the big day of moving (again). I think this will be their last move for quite some time. It will soon be my turn to start house hunting (again). I am trying to decide if I want to stick to being in the centre of Norwich or find something a little out of the city. It’s quite hard to house hunt in an area you don’t know very well. I would like to be close to the countryside but not too far away from the centre. I will have to start doing some research. I best stop talking, I have a lot to do and am heading back to Norwich this evening. I have my Hunter wellies waiting by the door, no more silly shoe choices this week. I really hope it snows tomorrow.