Ginger Chews


If you like ginger then you need to try this box of these fiery sweets from The Ginger People. I first found out about Ginger Chews when I was working in Holland and Barrett. They seemed to be the most popular candy based product we were selling in the Manchester store. I remember being obsessed with them because they were sweet and spicy. I decided to stop spending money on buying them, £1.99 every other day can add up. I forgot about them for a few years but have once again, become addicted and am buying a box most weeks.

Each sweet is individually wrapped, so they are easy to carry around with you and to share with others. They are dusted with powdered sugar and are slightly chewy at first but then soften and melt in your mouth, so they wont pull out any fillings.

Have you tried Ginger Chews? They can be pretty good for those of you who suffer from travel sickness and they also help when you have a cold. I just eat these because they taste really good but have also found they give me a bit more energy before I go to the gym.