Breaking out of a shoe rut

Evening, all. I seem to be having a bit of a problem with shoes at the moment. I just can’t find anything I like. I mentioned the other week that I was having a similar problem with clothes, there hasn’t been any change there. I still think it could be this strange weather we have been having in the UK, or maybe it’s just because I have become a little lazy. I am really looking forward to spring and summer but I need to snap out of this rut before they get here.


There seems to be a lot of shoes knocking about my bedroom but I don’t feel very inspired by them. It’s probably because I am in a habit of wearing the same shoes all the time. I think I need to try and move away from wearing Converse and Vans in work. They are just an easy choice and also pretty safe, I don’t really like the idea of carrying a tray of tea whilst wearing high shoes.


I guess I should be making more use of my ASOS flatforms and the purple Vagabond pair. Flatforms are easy to walk in and don’t cause any pain, but I am out of the habit of wearing anything but flat shoes. I have a pair of wedges and my Vagabonds sitting under my desk at work. I left them there in the hope that I might start wearing them, it hasn’t happened yet. I have always said that you can keep the same clothes and simply change your shoes to totally change an outfit. I still think this but I’ve become very lazy with making an effort in the shoe department. I plan to change and tomorrow morning I will put my flatforms on as soon as I get into work.

What type of shoes do you wear to work?