The shoe rut continues..

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Evening! I failed at wearing my Vagabond shoes, sorry. I just felt so comfy in my red Converse and couldn’t bring myself to change into anything else. I have made (another) promise to myself to try again tomorrow. I did put the flatforms on for a bit but went back to my pumps when I popped out for lunch. I know this all seems a little extreme but I really must start making use of the other shoes I own. I seem to have built up quite a collection and many of them sit around with very little love. I could try putting some on Ebay, but I’m not sure I can be bothered with the hassle of that.

I just realised that although I am trying to stay away from Converse I ordered a new pair the other day. A Badass pair of Superman Converse should be arriving soon, I can’t wait. This plan of mine isn’t going so well, is it? I guess that having the thought there is a start. 
 Other than wearing all my trainers, I think the only other pair of shoes I really enjoy wearing would be cowboy boots. I really like wearing them but they can’t really be classed as heels. They give me a little extra height, but because most of the people I work with are very tall, I may as well not bother. I guess I could try investing in more cowboy boots – but the idea is to start making use of the shoes I already own and save some money. 
 Do you have any Ebay tips?