Birchbox UK

Evening, all. Last month my very first beauty box arrived on my desk. I’d been thinking about singing up for a monthly subscription box for quite some time but never knew which one to go for. There are so many on the market and it can be hard deciding which one is the best. I was delighted when Pure PR offered to send over a Birchbox for me to try out Birchbox have only just launched in the UK but have been going for quite some time over in the states.

The box arrived in a bright pink box and was securely packed. Like most people, I like receiving a little box of surprises in the post. There were 6 products in the box and I was pleased to be able to use them all. One of my main worries about signing up to a beauty box was the fear of not being able to use some of the products. After my first experience with the Birchbox I have decided that even if I couldn’t use one or two products then they could always be passed onto a friend.

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Vichy – This bottle of thermal spa water has come at the right time. I am trying to take extra care of the skin on my face and this is meant to be good for sensitive skin. 
Eboost – I’m looking forward to trying this natural energy drink. I haven’t had the chance yet but as soon as I do there will be a full review. This doesn’t contain aspartame, sugar or artificial flavours  – most normal energy drinks do and it’s something I try to avoid. Eboost is full of minerals and vitamins. The green tea and coffee in it will help to give a natural boost – something I really need at the moment. 
Pump ‘N Thick – This is a thickening mist with a sweet and fruity scent. It’s really easy to use and I have already found myself using it most days. You simply spray a little into towel-dried hair and then style as usual. You need to be careful to avoid getting carried away, too much can make your hair a little sticky. 
Gerda Spillman foundation – I haven’t had a chance to try this. I will have a play around with it this week and keep you updated on what it’s like. This is a creamy foundation which is meant to set with a powder finish – I’m really looking forward to trying it.

Korres shower gel – I’m a big fan of Korres products. They use all natural ingredients and are kind to sensitive skin. The guava shower gel has a unique and an oh so slightly sweet scent. The gel contains aloe vera which is very hydrating for the skin. I have used Korres products before and will be buying more from their body range. 

Eyelash curler – I always used to use an eyelash curler but became quite lazy and decided to give up with them. I have started to used these curlers on days when I feel sleepy and am in need of wider eyes.  They are actually pretty good and it’s made me wonder why I stopped using curlers for such a long time. 
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I’m thinking of signing up for the Birchbox and seeing how it goes for a few months. I will keep you updated and let you know what comes in my next box. You can buy the products from the Birchbox over on their website.
Do you subscribe to a monthly subscription box?