House and Home: Salter kitchen scales

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I’ve said it before, but I’m here to say it again – the homeware section in TK Maxx is fantastic. It’s worth  having a little look whenever you’re in town, they seem to get new stock twice a week. I was lucky to find some good bargains the other day, most of which were in the clearance section. One of the things I found was this set of kitchen scales from the famous Salter brand. I paid for £4.00 in the clearance section which is a nice little saving on the usual retail price of £9.99. The best bit? They’re purple!
I’ve only used the scales once since I got them, but didn’t find any problems. They are quite compact and don’t take up much room to store away. I found the dial very easy to read and the whole thing is simple to clean. The bowl can also go in the dishwasher, if you’re feeling super lazy. I would happily pay full price for these scales, they are fairly cheep and do a good job as part of my baking equipment. 
Have you found any good bargains in TK Maxx this month?